Singing to Sarah: the Duke of York Edition

Posted in Songs for Sarah on September 4th, 2009 by admin

Ok, I think this may be turning into its own little project. This is the third Milne poem from When We Were Very Young that I’ve set to music. Might have to do the whole book eventually.

What’s that, you say? Third? Where’s the second? Well, just like a Joss Whedon show, the Milne series will be aired out of order. The second piece is still being recorded; Joe and Isabel tracked some backing vocals last week while they were visiting, and now I have to fly the rest of the tune in. Soon, soon!

This one’s short and sweet: page 81 in my copy, Halfway Down. Sarah cackled when I played it to her, but Marg thought it was too dirge-like with just electric piano (and she was right). So I layered some clarinets on top. She wanted Calliope, but I don’t have one. So it goes.

Halfway Down <--get the song here!

Words by A.A. Milne, published 1924

Music© 2009 Mark Frey