New recording: Build it up

Posted in Call it what you like! on July 20th, 2009 by admin
This week’s song was begun about a year ago, born out of thoughts on the economic hijinks on Wall Street and beyond. Much of the specific inspiration, though, came from this piece, which was part of the fantastic comic-art show Marg had in 2007.
Seriously, a couple of years ago you couldn’t swing a dead cat in this town without hitting a brand-new condo building. Giant barfing construction anime-critters are the ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION. Most of these places never seemed to sell many units, and yet the developers made enough to take a vacation in Paris and then build the next one. Made no sense to me until everything went down the tubes.
I imagine something bigger and proggier for this one eventually, but this version gets the ideas across, I think.
Build it up (get yer .mp3 RIGHT HERE, folks. Step right up!)
Words and Music © 2009 Mark Frey

Build it up

then walk away

buy it out

then make them pay

fill it in

but never stay

build it up

build it up

sell it off

before it’s done

burn it down

just for fun

write it off

while you’re on the run

build it up

build it up

it’s all we know

and change, change comes slow

these are the cards we show

it’s all we know

grab a piece

but don’t pay cash

wring it dry

and toss the trash

ride it high

then let it crash

build it up.

New Recording: Lines and Squares

Posted in Songs for Sarah on July 6th, 2009 by admin
Really, I’m not going to turn into a writer of children’s songs. Promise. But indulge me this week!

I’ve been reading Sarah poems from A.A. Milne’s charming “When We Were Very Young” collection. Fun stuff. Even though she doesn’t get the words, she seems to like the sound of them. One day last week, I started singsonging a little melody to “Lines and Squares” instead of just reading the poem. This went over well with Sarah, and Marg liked it too. Then it got stuck in my head, and so I had to record it for y’all.

Lines and Squares (click for audio file)
Words by A.A. Milne, published 1924
Music © 2009 Mark Frey