New Song: Collapse

Posted in Call it what you like! on August 20th, 2008 by admin

This is a first draft of a song marg and I are working on together. She wrote the words and sang. We may do some rearranging later, but here’s what we have today!

It’s about how, over the course of your life, the millions of potential avenues your existence could take start to whittle down to the thread you actually do follow. It doesn’t treat with the other side of the equation, the opening of new doors when old ones close, but then sometimes simple and gloomy is fun.

Words and music (c) 2008 Marg and Mark Frey

some other lover, job or cover, an appointment missed
right turn instead of left
a pill not taken, letter sent, the knife that slipped
companion never met

unheeded choices left along the way
like so much highway trash
flying so fast you can’t see the dreams
mixed with the roadkill and cigarettes

the closer you are to what you’ll be
the further from what could have been
you could regret that things turned out differently,
but some roads are better left for dead

stalking away through the storm
instead of turning back to explain
possibilities collapsing they can’t all come true
one devours the next


mettle tested, conflicts bested, open up the box
living an educated guess
how many moments wasted focused on the little things
for an illusion of control


Vacation delay

Posted in Call it what you like! on August 18th, 2008 by admin

Just got back in town from a few days off. New song is recorded except for the vocal, which I foolishly thought could get finished tonight.

Ha. Exhausted. Voice shot.

Going to pull the vacation card on this one and delay two days; I’ll post on Tuesday this week instead of tonight.

Special Edition Penalty Cover Tune Week!

Posted in Call it what you like! on August 4th, 2008 by admin

This week’s song is, just for giggles, a cover version. And it’s super lo-fi! I just set up one mic and played and sang until I had a take that I was happy with. Since I’m neither a great guitar player nor a highly accurate singer, that means you’re getting a raw, ‘warts and all’ performance. I hear that’s all the rage these days. It’s supposed to be more energetic or something.

I played this one at Halloween two years ago to an amused reception. Since some of the fun is the dawning realization as you figure out what song it is, I’m just naming the file by today’s date. I suppose you may not recognize it if you were not listening to music in 1985. If so, sorry about that.

Get the mp3 here!