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This just in, from Dan up in the great sandy north:

Rachel and Mark’s version of “Heisenberg” tied for second place in the U of
C Material Research Center’s “S cubed” Sounds of Science category. Mark,
I’ll give you your nifty laminated certificate next time you’re up. We’re
supposed to get some fabulous prize money as well.

Here’s their web site, which I’m sure will be updated soon with this year’s

We tied with a techno-musical translation of inner ear DNA, and came in
second to a piece which combined recordings of “singing sands” from all over
the world with percussion instruments.

Rochelle made sure we brought up the previous endorsement by Carlos Stroud’s Optical Research Group and the loss of funding which mysteriously followed.

I’m tickled! Or maybe not! How will anyone ever know?

I am reminded of an unfortunate incident in my lab a few weeks ago. One of our grad students was sort-of dating a guy Marg and I know from Aikido, and he was making fun of her because she had never heard of Heisenberg, Schr√∂dinger, et al. This got discussed in lab, and it was revealed that none of my coworkers who were in that day knew anything about it. This includes a couple of grad students, a Ph.D., and an M.D. What the hell? Worse, they couldn’t see what the big deal was when I explained the basics. Said one of them, to general agreement: “You are such a geek!” Said another: “Why couldn’t they use a dog?”

Sigh. I mourn for humanity. Or maybe I don’t. Open the box and find out!