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Wow am I tired. Long weekend. I have a post of the weekend I wrote in the car on the highway home, but it’s on my laptop which is at lab. I’ll post it later. Instead, let me rant for three sentences apiece about three great movies I saw in the last couple of weeks:

1. Lost in Translation
Bill Murray gives the best performance I’ve ever seen from him in this film. The movie is about friendship and culture shock and regrets and dreams and Americans in Japan. It’s got a fantastic, organic rhythm to it, and if you ever wanted to see someone singing karaoke to the Sex Pistols, here it is.

2. School of Rock
I thought this movie looked dumb when I saw the previews. As usual, the previews were nothing like the movie–it’s just that this time, that’s a good thing. Fantastic, essentially “The Music Man” updated for the post-AC/DC era (no, really).

3. American Splendor
Depressing and uplifting at the same time, this adaptation of the comic adapted from the life of the author (Harvey Pekar of Cleveland, OH) is riveting. I hadn’t read the comic, and it didn’t seem to hurt. Kind of a must-see for anyone who is really serious about a creative endeavor that they know they’ll never make a living off of.


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One of the guys from Machall, a fine online comic, has some nice perspective on the so-called fallout and from the Iowa caucus:

I hadn’t been paying attention to the whole Iowa caucus thing, but the next day I hear from everywhere how Dean totally flipped out and went absolutely nuts. Eventually found a video link. All I can say is, this is TEH CRAZY everyone’s been talking about? That’s not even a little crazy. He’s just pumping up his supporters, for fuck’s sake! Next time the whole country starts spurting off about the mental state of a candidate, I fully expect to come in and see someone biting the head off a goddamn chicken…

I knew I liked those Machall guys. Click above to see, as Strongbad might say, the more complete rant and their mad skills of an artist.